Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let us Remember

I get Rojo into bed, pull up the tangled sheet from the foot of the bed, re-arrange the comforter on top of his long body, go to shut the shades and he starts praying out loud, "In God's name we serve each other with kindness, justice and forgiveness. Amen. Now go write that one down before you forget it."



Elizabeth said...

As my father would say, "He's a real piece of work."

God's work, I'm sure!

fullsoulahead.com said...


And I love how he sees you as his scribe.

kario said...

Covered in goosebumps from head to toe. I hate to put you in the middle here, but could you please tell him that so he knows just how he affects me?

Love that boy.
Love his mom.

You all rock.

Amber said...

Kills me. Awesome.


hg said...

Once again, he just totally gets it. So glad he understands your role (all of your roles) in his life!