Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are you anywhere near as excited as I am for the "Gray's Anatomy" season premiere tomorrow? Were you also three, count 'em, THREE seasons behind until you got your priorities straight and all but pulled all-nighters with Netflix to get caught up? Are you, too, feeling like 2012 hasn't totally been in vain due to this significant accomplishment?

Well, if that doesn't impress you - how about this: I haven't had coffee in two days. I'm drinking TEA, and we all know how I feel about tea. I'll spare you the details and just say that it was quite obvious that coffee wasn't my friend. I'm hoping we can reconcile down the road, but for now at least, it's me, my tea, and "Gray's Anatomy!"


patricia said...

GA is possibly all that's keeping me breathing. Just saying. said...

Have never watched Grey's Anatomy and I'm not touching tea with a ten foot pole.

But I still love you.

hg said...

TEA?!? My eyes must be playing tricks with the words.

kario said...

Okay, the Republic of Tea makes this lovely blend called "mate latte" and it tastes like a little bit of heaven. Honestly, put some milk and a little sweetener in it and it's close to having a latte. I'm sending you some today.

Also if you like green tea, try Numi's "Toasted Rice Green Tea." It tastes nothing like coffee but has a richness that is more like tea.

Hope Grey's Anatomy is all it's cracked up to be.