Monday, September 24, 2012


So, I thought the background I picked last week was artsy, but one of my most artsy friends said it was "nightmarish," so it's gone. Not trying to scare anyone, here! Someday I am actually going to figure out how to put photographs in the header that aren't super gigantic, but that day is not today (or the last several days I've tried it).

We had Woohoo home from college for the weekend (actually, it was Saturday afternoon until Monday morning). We all sat down to family dinner on Sunday (lest you be impressed, please know we have not sat down to dinner since she left a month ago), and we were all exhausted from a full weekend of Rojo. He was just extra everything this weekend, for all kinds of reasons I'm guessing, and having Woohoo home was "weird," he said.

So, picture us all crawling to the table, already on our last legs, then us turning to Rojo to say the prayer and him saying:

May our souls be forgiven,
Our hearts be open,
and attached to each other.


4 comments: said...

Beautiful. He always comes through in the clutch.

Elizabeth said...

Dang. You know I liked that background -- particularly with the white everything else and the bit of purple.

I need Rojo to come to my house TONIGHT and say a prayer to calm us all down.

kario said...

That boy! I am reminded of his ability to pick the daily prayers out of your book or deck of cards or whatever you used and just NAIL IT every time.

So glad Woohoo was home for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Our hearts be attached to each other.... love that.... a lot!

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