Thursday, September 13, 2012


Rojo doesn't want to go to frozen yogurt with just me anymore. Passe. He wants to go with me and a buddy. He has many, but the ones his age are often busy when he wants to go - especially now that school has resumed. Fortunately, many of his buddies are also my buddies, and they are kind enough to go (not that they really have a choice, what with his twenty million texts/e-mails/Face Time requests).

We picked up Kathleen after school on Tuesday and took her to yogurt, and on Wednesday the plan was to take Nancy. Over the summer Rojo had me driving to hell and gone with Nancy for frozen yogurt, and then we tied it in with a trip to Target. One thing turned into another, and the next thing I knew he and Nancy were a pair with one list and cart, and I was on my own, shopping at Target (bliss).

So, Wednesday came and Nancy rode with me to get Rojo from high school, we went to the yogurt place next to Target, and then did our mutual shopping. Rojo had his very specific list: Pop Tarts, granola bars and Capri Sun, three things he considered "musts" for an early morning meeting he has next week, one in which he has already volunteered to bring the snacks. He's like me (times 10), doesn't like to have things on the To Do list too long, likes to get them on the list and OFF!

We had a pre-arranged time and place to meet (23 minutes later), and I got to the spot and they weren't there. Just then a text came through, "Care, we need five more minutes, please." I decided to go see what they had in clothing to kill time, found a Carrie Link dress and threw it in the cart. The extra five minutes cost me an extra $29.99, but watching Rojo and Nancy come around the corner and put their things on the conveyer belt without me, then walk out of the store together with is hand upon her shoulder? Priceless.


kario said...

I don't know who Nancy is, but I say keep her in the tribe, for sure! What a lovely, lovely friend.

I also love that Rojo has embraced your tribe as his own. What a gift for everyone.


Elizabeth said...

I haven't been here in a week or so because of that weird pesky "virus" notice that pops up occasionally and blocks me from visiting. It's gone now, though, and my heart is warmed by this story! How blessed you are to have both Rojo and wonderful Nancy in your life!


I love your posts about Rojo and Woohoo. What cool names too!
Rojo sounds like my grandson, high maintenance. Very very bright and makes for a busy life.
FYI, my novel, Vada Faith, is being offered free on Kindle on Sept. 15.

Many blessings to you and yours,
Barbara said...

If we all had a Nancy the world would be a better place.

Nice dress!