Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

My boy turns sixteen tomorrow, and no where on the planet is someone sweeter. This cute little thing has taken up so much of my heart and soul, I had to do a big remodel to make more room - fully outgrew the old set.

Before there was Elmo, there was Big Bird. Both were originally Woohoo's. Both became his and there was nothing you could do about it. Nothing at all, so we didn't even try.

Woohoo is about to go to college and just learned who her roommate will be. They have a lot in common and one big thing not in common. The roommate is an only child. Woohoo might as well be in the middle of 10. They'll get along great.

Woohoo is the first to say, "Just when you're about ready to kill him, he goes and says something so sweet you can't help but forgive him."

This boy came here to teach. He came here to teach patience. He came here to teach compassion. He came here to teach the shedding of the ego. He came here to teach life re-prioritization. He came here to teach love period.

And he's done so, sweetly.

Happy birthday, Rojo!


terry said...

And you've made us all happy to know him!

kario said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Rojo! And to everyone whose lives you have enriched in your sixteen years on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to an amazing young man. said...

He's an incredible young man.

Happy Birthday Rojo.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness! I feel like lighting sparklers and jumping up and down, twirling them around! Happy Birthday to your sweet Rojo, and happy birth day to you -- said...

BTW, NEHBM of how stinking cute this little darling was.