Sunday, July 22, 2012

Say it With Me...

So, I told you how on Rojo's birthday we got the letter in the mail saying he qualified for disability services. What with it being his birthday and all, and really not in the mood to deal with it just then, I skimmed the letter, saw the part where he doesn't need to be re-evaluated again until age 22, and then put it away. I didn't read down at the bottom to see who the case manager was that was assigned to him.

Tuesday night I was out with Woohoo meeting her new roommate, and a call came in. "Restricted Number." I do not answer those. No sir, I do not. Tell me who you are if you want me to talk to you (and even then I probably wouldn't answer your call, what with the phone phobia and all). Got home and there was a message on my home voice mail. Finally listened to my cell message, and they were the same message - our case worker was calling and wanted to set up a time to come meet with Rojo.

Her name rang a bell, but I didn't recognize the voice really, so I thought, must just be someone with the same name - pretty common first and last name, it surely can't be her. Called her back the next morning and she said, "We know each other. I am the cantor at church. I know you come to 5:30 Saturday Mass and you sit on the right in the back. I am SO excited to have Rojo on my case load! I will walk you through the whole thing, tell you what to do and not do, etc."

Rojo ADORES this woman (although until last night we'd never actually met her, just worshipped her from afar). He sings for days whichever songs she leads each week at church. He mimics her gestures to perfection. He thinks she's all that and a little bit more.

We could NOT have been given a better case worker if we'd asked specifically for one. In fact, if I'd known at all that that's what she does, I would have killed myself trying to get her.

But I didn't know.

But Someone did.

No accidents.



It's too bad you can't add this to your book. Oh wait. You can. Xxxooooooo!!!! said...


kario said...

I love that she knew you and where you sit in church! This is definitely not a coincidence. I love it.

What does Rojo think?

Amber said...

Oh man. Again with the angels!! LOL! Amazing.

:) :)

Laurie said...

I am SO happy to read this -- good karma and all that LOVE makes a difference.

Tanya Savko said...

I am so happy for you! I am in the process of qualifying Nigel for adult services - so many hoops! Anyway, I'm glad you're off to a great start with such a wonderful case worker.