Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Long Couple of Days

I would hardly call it a crisis, but the same day that blood showed up in Flicka's poop, Rojo lost his watch. Flicka will be fine, thanks to our friend and neighbor Greg, that did a house call, hauled her "sample" into work with him and had two prescriptions ready for me to pick up before 9:30 AM yesterday.

The watch, however, is a goner.

Rojo doesn't just like to wear a watch, he likes a very certain kind of watch. For years these were available at Target for $9.99, and there wasn't a problem. Only a couple of months ago his strap wore so threadbare it broke. Woohoo and her boyfriend were kind enough to alter their plans for the evening, and immediately high tailed it to Target before bedlam ensued.

No luck.

They came home with a watch, but not the watch.

Rojo wouldn't have anything to do with it. The next day after school we went from store to store to store, finally finding one at Walmart, making that my pilgrimage trip there, and basically a convert for no other reason than they put me out of my misery.

Last night the new watch broke in a different place - beyond repair. Woohoo AGAIN left the house in search of a watch. She went to Target, Walmart, Fred Meyers. Nothing. She was willing to give him her OWN watch, but he wouldn't take it.

I tried to be firm. I tried to strike deals. I tried to make him swear on a stack of Bibles that if we couldn't find the watch today, he'd agree to wear the one Woohoo bought him last time. The perfectly good one sitting in our kitchen drawer for just such emergencies.

He swore. And honest to God, I think he meant it. Nonetheless, we spent all afternoon looking at DIFFERENT Targets, Walmarts and the like, and still, no watch.

He is now convinced that we'll just keep trying, and in the mean time, he'll walk around with a big tan mark where the old watch used to be.

I don't want to keep trying. I want him to put on the flippin' watch and give it a rest already. If I have to hear one more word about the watch, in between questions about when the ice cream truck is coming, or what flavors of frozen yogurt they currently have in each different yogurt store in the metropolitan area (including Sherwood), I will lose what little is left of my mind.


patricia said...

Look online. Save yourself the misery and order six of them. =)

kario said...

Oh dear. I hope you find one soon and I'm with Patricia - buy six of them. Lola has a favorite brand of leggings with buried seams that fit just right and don't make her want to crawl out of her skin. I bought a pair in every size for the next three years in every color they come in just to make sure she would have something to wear that wouldn't necessitate hours of negotiating and meltdowns in the morning. This week we got the revised school dress code for next year - no leggings. Too form-fitting. God save me.

Gary Taylor said...

Wouldn’t it be nice if the simple things in life could bring the same joy and comfort to everyone?
I have a lot to learn about what is important from the Rojos in the world. Every day I see the real joy of life in my Rojo, as well as the pain looking for something I deem unimportant.
We are always there to track the ice cream truck, but next give a heads up when you go out of town.

Tanya Savko said...

I feel you. Here's hoping it works itself out soon. xo


I see my one grandson in Rojo. He's just like that, when he wants a certain thing nothing and I mean nothing else will do.
He asks endless questions and some days my daughter is just ready to throw in the towel.
Hang in with Rojo. Sending prayers for you both!
Blessings. Barb said...