Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My dear and holy friend, Candace Primack is among other things, a fine artist. I recently bought four of her incredible pieces, two sets of companion pieces. The two above are "Love Your Neighbor" and "Do Unto Others." The two below are "Love Is" and "Blue Benediction." You can't see it here, but there is writing on the paintings, cool, powerful, spiritual words that bathe me when I read them.

You can't tell by looking, but the frames are really big. Candace helped me decide on mats, frames, size and where to hang them in my house. Goodbye framed posters with Target frames. Hello, ART. Dragged Nancy with me Monday to go pick up the finished pieces. "Welcome to adulthood," she said. At least three of them are going to go into the "sitting (on your *&^) room," with the recently re-slip-covered furniture. When everything is done in there I will take pictures and show you. I know you're dying to see where it all goes down.

Candace is a theologian who uses art to express what she believes about God. She prays over her pieces and lets the Divine come through. These photos don't do them justice. The Good pops from behind the UV protectant glass and museum matting. No telling what all is going to come from my future "can" time.


kario said...

When we moved, I vowed to get rid of all the plasticky frames, too, and only put things on the walls that speak to me and the home we are creating. It is such a great feeling to gaze at something on the wall that means something profound. Glad your friend helped you get started and I can't wait to see what the sitting room looks like.

Amber said...

they look beautiful.