Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 10 Things Rojo Has Proposed Giving Up for Lent

10. Coke (which he doesn't drink)

 9. Carrots (which he doesn't eat)

 8. Taking a shower

 7. Brushing his teeth

 6. Making his bed

 5. Taking out the garbage

 4. Using a nice tone of voice

 3. Traveling to Europe ('nuf said)

 2. Hamburgers (which I'm forever trying to get him to eat)

 1. Vitamins


Elizabeth said...

He's a smart one. :) said...

I admire his sense of sacrifice. LOL.

kario said...

My husband said, in the spirit of that, he'll give up cigarettes. Which he's never had in his life. Thanks, Rojo!

Me said...

Love it!

Amber said...

Yeah. I'm giving up housework.