Monday, February 27, 2012

Score One for the Ladders

I just e-mailed two friends to tell them I took their suggestion (they had the same suggestion), that I watch and get properly hooked on the PBS show, "Downton Abbey." When I was in Philly visiting Terry, she, her husband Greg and I, started the series on Netflix, and worked our way through the entire first season. Then, Greg being all techy, hooked up his laptop to their fancy schmancy system and we were able to stream onto their big screen, a few episodes of Season 2 straight from before, sadly, I had to go home. Plans are already underway for me to time my visit next year for the premiere of Season 3.

But that's not the point.

The point is two people that know me well, my tastes, my likes, my dislikes, all of that, recommended something to me, and I'm super glad I followed up and tried it. I had to e-mail them to thank them, and suggested they gloat for awhile in the knowledge that that their suggestion was heard, AND followed, AND appreciated. The big trifecta.

I would be so smug there'd be no living with me if people took all my suggestions/advice! And I'm full of it! Got all kinds of ideas of what people should do with their lives. I've reluctantly come to accept, however, that the struggle and journey is where the ju-ju is, and if we all went around following good advice it would be like playing "Chutes and Ladders," and getting all lucky cards and going straight to the top of the board via long ladders, never having to mess with a chute. Sure, you'd "win," but what would be the fun of it? You'd actually be bored and find the whole game a waste of time.

Winning isn't the point. The ups and downs are the point.

Still, I'm glad I took their "ladder," and am excited to see where the next ladder might take me if I allow myself to take it, too, avoiding the "chutes" my ego has in place. The ones that tell me I have to do everything the hard way. The ones that tell me no pain, no gain. The ones that tell me that surrendering is quitting, and that to let go means to give up. You know the ones.


kario said...

I love your suggestions/advice/throw-downs about how to handle my life. You're usually right, you know. And I love that you're humble and open enough to take suggestions from other people. I have, as yet, resisted Downton Abbey because I'm sure it would be one more thing to distract me from writing...Sigh. said...

I do know the ones. And they can go straight to hell. Oh wait! They are already there.

Galen Pearl said...

Great post! About the show, my sister is hooked on it, too. I will have to start at the beginning via Netflix. But about your point, I am quick to offer suggestions, but not always so quick to take them. I often feel an initial resistance until I sit with it for a bit. Then I try it, and lo and behold, it was a great idea! Like that show. I'll get right on that!

Me said...

It's the "chutes" that make the "ladders" that much more victorious.

Elizabeth said...

I am so happy that I can now associate this beautiful post with the game Chutes and Ladders because to be honest, that game drove me insane when my kids were young and insisted on playing it, over and over!

Amber said...

First of all, did you get my email back to you?? I CLEARLY said more people should listen to me. The world would be much better. I'm not humble about that at all. ;)

Also, I think ALL THE TIME, how much I owe YOU for your "ladder", AKA the Tolle cd's. I have gone back and listened to that whole thing countless times now. I figured out how to get it on my ipod, and now I am keeping those cd's to pass on to just the right person!

:) ox

Amber said...

PS. I'm a little over the chutes, I gotta say. I like what the Great George Carlin said about life...
"I don't like no pain, no gain. Fuck that. I like No pain!"

sign me up.