Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dearly Much

Had a great birthday yesterday, top 3, and am struggling to think of which ones beat it, so let's just go ahead and call it top birthday of all time.

We had our family gift exchange at 6:30 AM. I had little valentines for everyone and Rojo had made cards he was super excited to give. I'd helped him, but when it came to do mine, he wouldn't let me look, instead, grabbing the card and putting it in the envelope himself, then asking me to hide it so I wouldn't find it. He did not disappoint. He never does. Feels good to be loved dearly much.

STM had given me a dozen red roses over the weekend - wanting to beat the rush and making sure they didn't run out, then thought it was silly to hide them until Tuesday, so gave them to me early to enjoy, which I did. Nice to stretch it all out, I say. Birth "day" just isn't enough. I require a full week. STM also gave me a jigsaw puzzle, suggesting it might be nice to get back to that old past time of mine (and give Rojo back his iPad). Woohoo gave me really sweet and thoughtful gifts, too.

Kathleen made an early morning drop off of balloons, tulips (my fave), a bottle of yummy wine and running gloves which I'd asked for. NEHBM of getting what you ask for. Got the kids out the door and then STM and I took Flicka on a really nice walk, getting home right before it started to pour. He left, I had fun cleaning up and doing things I love like starting the dishwasher AND the washing machine at the same time, which never fails to give me a neurotic sense of joy.

Then I marched myself down to the closest Starbucks and redeemed my free birthday drink - grande mocha, full fat, with whip. Ran into our friend Tom there and enjoyed a visit with him. Came home with my drink, curled up in the chair-and-a-half with Flicka, got out the iPad and played solitaire, while taking phone calls and texts from friends far and wide wishing me happy birthday.

Got picked up at 1:00 by Nancy, who gave me some lovely (but too personal to mention) gifts, and drove me to have lunch with Kathleen and our friend Diane - the birthday group. We lingered so long that I only had a little while to freshen up before going to dinner with STM! We went to our favorite haunt, ordered exactly what we always do, sat in our favorite booth, and had a leisurely, delightful meal and conversation.

Came home to a house with no Woohoo, no Rojo, no Flicka, and did what anyone else would do under those circumstances - went right into the DVR recording of "The Bachelor" from the previous night.

Just a day filled with love and special people from beginning to end. Thank you for the calls, e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages! I love you dearly much!


Jill said...

"Can't stand how cute you look." I LOVE that. Happy birthday.

kario said...

YAY! You got spoiled! And you let it happen! And I think instead of a birthday week, maybe you ought to get one day like that a month for the rest of your life. What do you think?

Me said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! So glad it was wonderful! said...


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

I can't stand how cute you look, either..and guess what I'm doing right now? Why, running my dishwasher AND washer at the SAME TIME...nuthin' better!!! So glad you had such a fantastic day, Carrie!! love you!

Amber said...

SO happy you have such a lovely day. May the happy vibes last all year!