Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unique Qualities

Toeless' husband, Greggy, is taking a class, and the professor wanted them to list their unique qualities - things they did easily and well, that others may not. The assignment was to ask others to help them identify them, which is brilliant, since so often we are blind to our own gifts.

I told him that he had way more than one, but if I had to boil it down, it was his unbridled enthusiasm, his genuine interest in others that made you feel like you were a rock star, every time you were around him. I've only known a handful of people in my life that have that quality. It's not like other people make me feel bad about myself, it's just that there is something, well, unique about the way they make anyone feel that comes into contact with them.

I've been thinking and writing about this for awhile, especially in terms of Rojo's unique gifts, of which there are many. His purity, his vast love, his compassion, his generosity, all amazing. I think the one that makes him stand out more than anything else, though, is his lack of ego. He simply doesn't have one. There is no spiritual wrestling match going on inside of him, no angel/devil on his shoulder, no posturing himself, no concern over how to make himself get ahead/more. Zero.

I think most of humanity could use an Individual Educational Plan, a plan in which we strive to be ego-less 80% of the time, a plan in which a team of ego-less specialists train and assist in that, mark our progress and keep us on track. I'm thinking we turn the tables, get the ones like Rojo and many others like him I know, to let them do what they came here to do... teach.

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5 comments: said...

He's got what everyone wants. Yes, we could all learn from him.

kario said...

I'm certain we could all use a class in which the instructor encourages us to look at what our unique abilities are instead of telling us how to do things their way.

Love it!

terry said...

What a concept! But no one's ego would allow them to take the course!!

Greg said...

Hey! I'm so honored to get a mention, AND share a post with Rojo! Can't wait to see you.

kario: It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you ask for, and receive, that kind of insight!

Elizabeth said...

And thank God, Rojo has you to tell us about him so that we can learn. Thank you.