Sunday, January 29, 2012

Going Bigger with Nothing

Didn't do a damn thing today. Well, sure, did walk the dog, did some laundry, took Rojo and his friend "Baz" out for yogurt, even made dinner and cleaned up. But there was plenty of napping, solitaire and Netflix, too. And by plenty I mean hour after hour after blissful hour. Kept thinking, I should go though all those stacks on my desk, or I need to deal with that closet I keep not dealing with, or any number of other things that need doing around here, but in no particular hurry.

On the solitaire game I downloaded, there is a cool "hint" button. When you are stuck and can't figure out another move, you press "hint" and it will show you possible moves. You feel ridiculous when you missed an obvious one or two, and vindicated when it flashes, "No useful moves detected."

Long about the 10th "No useful moves detected" today I realized that while there was plenty I could be doing, none of them were truly as useful as sitting on my can.

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Jill said...

i love spyder solitaire too, and can waste hours playing it...but whenever i feel guilty I think of you calling it "meditative" and then I feel better...and keep going.

Carrie Link said...

Jill - don't forget, sometimes "No useful moves detected," meditating is hard to beat in terms of usefulness!

kario said...

Sometimes the most useful thing you can do is sit and stare. Glad you're giving yourself permission.

Me said...


Galen Pearl said...

Giving ourselves permission to do nothing and then really enjoying it is sooooo re-energizing! Good for you! I'm going to go play solitaire mahjong online right now!

Amber said...

What are you netflixing? I just got done (SOB!!) with Friday Night Lights, which I had never, ever thought to watch. But I really loved it. I know it sounds nuts, but give a couple episodes, you will like it. Great characters, great writing, lots of heart.