Thursday, January 12, 2012


I can't speak for everyone (but would dearly love to), I just know that one thing I don't do nearly enough, is celebrate. I think, I'll feel so good when that is done/settled/over/successful/etc... and I count down the days until it is. Then the day comes and goes without so much as an extra-shot in my cappuccino.

Well, no more, I tell you, no more. I gathered three dear friends for happy hour in early January to celebrate the fact that none of us killed anyone all of Christmas vacation. We may have each considered it, but none of us actually did it. Big.

Not every event needs to include Champagne, food, a gathering and a lot of hoopla, but something, some way of marking goodness.

Top 10 Things I Could Celebrate Just Today:

10. I finally mopped the kitchen floor that's needed it for a good two weeks

 9. The sun is out and it's a gorgeous, cold, January day

 8. Yesterday the sunrise was so spectacular I couldn't stop talking about it

 7. I even noticed the sunrise and took time to look at it (albeit, I was walking with Kathleen and she drew my attention to it)

 6. I am getting really, really good at solitaire

 5. I have time to play solitaire

 4. I bought a bunch of primroses and planted them in my window boxes yesterday - they make me happy every time I look out the window

 3. We may have finally found the right med/dosage for Rojo's ADHD, after MUCH trial and error

 2. I get to go visit Toeless in February!

 1. STM closed a deal he's been working on for MONTHS!

8 comments: said...

Wonderful to have things to celebrate! Good for you!

I'm celebrating my awesome daughter today.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of celebrating more.... I think that is a VERY good goal.

Elizabeth said...

Ching! That's the sound of my glass tipping yours! Salut!

Jenny said...

What fun things to celebrate. Happy 2012!

Kim said...

Congratulations on all of those things, and so very much more!

kario said...

So brilliant you are! I think that every once in a while you deserve to speak for everyone. Honestly, I do. Anytime you want to speak for me, please do.

Enjoy your celebrations. I know that the more time we spend reinforcing the positive in our lives the better chance we have at catching up to the way the negatives weigh so much.


terry said...

Woo hoo! Especially number 2!!

Galen Pearl said...

Loved your list. We often overlook the joy of simple things that bring us pleasure, like having a clean kitchen floor. (I'm with you on that one!) How nice to put it all in the context of celebrating.