Friday, November 5, 2010

She Who Hears the Cries of the World

This is Quan Yin (or Kuan Yin), the Buddhist goddess of compassion. Her Christian counterpart is Mary. The name Quan Yin means She Who Hears the Cries of the World.


NEHBM of being heard. Sometimes I think that's half the reason I write - to be heard. I'm sure one of my life lessons is to come to terms with this, as it was and is still the case that I live with those that have tremendous difficulty listening/hearing/processing/paying attention. Discerning what it is I need and want to say, and how much of that really needs to be "heard" by anyone other than me, is something I'm still very much in the process of.

If you are looking for music that reassures you that there is a higher power out there that is hearing you, I recommend this CD, She Carries Me. It's meditative. It's soothing. It's healing. It's lulling. It's reassuring.

Light the Marys. Invoke Quan Yin. Put the music on repeat and let it wash over you. You are heard. You are heard. You are heard. Amen.


adiaryofamom said...

we hear each other here. and i am thankful for it every day.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Why have I not yet learned of Quan Yin? I feel better already.

Amber said...

She is beautiful.

Being heard is so huge. With being heard comes peace and power, and without it our road can be rough.
You are heard, and I am so happy you speak your truth here.


Wanda said...

I love listening to you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, thank you. I have long had Quan Yin, protector of mother and child on my blog. And now I'm off to listen.

Thank you, thank you.

blackknightsbrood said...

There is a wonderful song that the title of your post reminds me of. Have a listen when you have a minute.

Anonymous said...

I'll order it now. Thanks!




Lilith said...

I think that's why we all blog, to be heard, to share our stories. It's as old as time, humans telling their stories.

I've got Quan Yin in my living room as well.

Jerri said...

You are heard.

And loved.

Deb Shucka said...

And so are you: heard, loved, important.

deb said...

I'll check this out.

and this post made me feel so blessed.