Sunday, November 28, 2010

May all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness;
May all be free from sorrow, and the causes of sorrow;
May all never be separated from the sacred happiness 
which is sorrowless;
And may all live in equanimity, without too 
much attachment and too much aversion,
And live believing in the equality of all that lives.
- Buddhist prayer


Anonymous said...

may everyone be happy
may everyone be free from suffering



deb said...

may it be so ,
thank you for this

Elizabeth said...

Yes. This reminds me of the mindfulness prayer -- so beautiful with the photo.

Wanda said...

May it be so, my friend.

courtneywrites said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Link family. May all your dreams come true.

kario said...

Printing this out and putting it on my nightstand. You always provide me with these lovely nuggets of gold!