Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toeless in Philly

Today is my friend Toeless' birthday. Many of you faithful blog readers know all about Toeless, the fact that she lost a pinky toe in a motorcycle accident when she was a teenager, and to this day asks for a 10% discount every time she gets a pedicure. You know that we both hate tea (although my position on that has been upgraded to not-liking-as-well-as-coffee). You know that she's an amazing parent, and that I have learned some of my best moves from her. You have learned that most everything I say that is funny, originated with her. You have learned that there would be no NEHBM (not enough has been made) if she hadn't said it first.

When I think of Toeless Terry I laugh. Every time. And I think of her every day. You do the math, at least once a day I have a laugh, and not enough has been made of that.

I love you, Ter, I miss you, not enough has been made of all that you've brought to my life through the years, and all that awaits me, I'm sure.

Happy birthday!


Suzy said...

Happy Birthday Ter!!!



Anonymous said...

Carrie- you forgot something. From someone who knew nothing of her until I opened your blog and saw her picture on my screen.... She's beautiful! Sounds like she's even more beautiful on the inside. I will check out her blog.

M in Vancouver.

Elizabeth said...

NEHBM of women like her! Thank you for sharing a bit of it with us! And Happy Birthday to Ter --

Jerri said...

Plus, she's simply gorgeous.


Happy birthday, Toeless.

Ask Me Anything said...

Wow, Thanks Girls! I have to say--this is not how I really look--what good is it to have a husband who is a wizard with photoshop if you don't use him once in a while. It's better than botox!

Carrie Link said...

See what I mean? Funny!

Anonymous said...

10% off? That's funny :)

kario said...

Love that you're celebrating this birthday of a friend who is so dear to you. I'm certain she feels very lucky to have you in her life. Much better than a pinky toe!

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Birthday, Terry - the friend I haven't met yet. I love knowing the two of you have each other.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful b-day!