Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Mother

Look at this picture that Kathleen's daughter took of her on her birthday. Not only does Kathleen radiate, and not only is her home gorgeous, and not only is she wearing the love. T-shirt I gave her, Mary earrings and bracelet I also gave her (it's all about me), but look at her prayer table. Yea, that one, the one with Our Mother in the corner. The one that has a GLOW all around it. It's important to note that those candles are not lighted. The afternoon sun is not coming through the window(s), there is no "logical" explanation for why Mary, Our Mother, would just LIGHT up like that.

Except she's Mary.

Enough said.

But not enough made of it.



Wanda said...

How cool is that? That's what Halos are supposed to look like. (Oh, and Kathleen...love the hat! Happy birthday.)

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome. Really, really cool.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Great shirt. Great hat. Great friend. No wonder Mary wanted in on the party.


kario said...

Not surprised.

Not at all.

You two are radiant together. Mary is simply reflecting.


jess said...

Holy Mother of God. No, seriously.

Deb Shucka said...

It's a Happy Birthday glow for someone who represents Mary as well as a human can, and for her great friend who does the same.

Me said...


Amber said...

Wow, I love that! It is energy, love, making light.


Jerri said...


Light and Love. For a woman filled with both.