Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Song

My cousin, Jim, a talented musician and song writer, posted on Facebook that my post, Uninvited, inspired him to write a song! Here is his beautiful song:

"I don't recall a hand extended/or any special invitation/all falling free from where we ended/ending years of speculation/
truth be told I don't like bitchin'/and don't hold out for salvation/but when my friends are in the kitchen/I know they came by invitation/

Uninvited, uninvited
Don't feel passed over or slighted
You're a ghost in no one's dream
And no one needs your grifter smile
Uninvited, uninvited
When the band is reunited
We'll be passing 'round the good stuff
And we'll go the extra mile"

Written by Jim Goodwin

No one needs your grifter smile! Amen! Let's all use "grifter" three times today and make it ours forever!


kario said...

I love this! You are such an inspiration in so many ways. Bet this one took even you by surprise. said...

"when my friends are in the kitchen I know they came by invitation"

Love this.