Sunday, November 3, 2013

Doesn't Everyone?

Doesn't everyone have a child that insists on bypassing the perfectly good bathroom right next to his bedroom, in favor of brushing, or rather, having his teeth brushed, in the laundry room?

Doesn't everyone also have an iron with it's cord neatly wrapped up, on a shelf in the laundry room?

Doesn't everyone go incident-free in the laundry room, whilst brushing one's son's teeth for years, only to have said iron suddenly, and inexplicably, fall from the shelf and land on one's head?

Doesn't everyone have a son that laughs harder than he's ever laughed before, when his sainted mother lets out a string of curse words and lies on the floor, writhing in pain, BECAUSE AN IRON FELL ON HER HEAD?

I thought not.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, lord. This, sadly, made me laugh along with Will. I'm sorry, Carrie -- but the world is a strange and cruel place, and the long-suffering amongst us will always be the butt of jokes. It's also reminded me of a time many moons ago when I was joyously flying a kite with my best friend Audrey. We were about sixteen years old and on the beach. Suddenly, the kite made an incredibly precipitous drop and dove straight down and onto the top of my head. My head started bleeding, and Audrey fell onto the beach, dying laughing. We still laugh about this today -- and I still love her. said...

Poor St. Carrie.

I hope you are okay.

kario said...

Nope. Only you.

Hope your head is better soon.