Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where to Start?

My life is so exciting, I hardly know where to start. Should I start by telling you that I finally got those stubborn stains off the toilet bowl, using a pumice stone? That the "stone" was $3.00, it took about 2-3 minutes per toilet, and I'm as happy as a clam every time I take a glance at the pristine, white bowls?

Should I start by telling you that I have five special-needs-related meetings this week and I'm grumpy about each and every one of them?

Should I start by telling you that I am tired of the educating, the advocating, the planning, and the getting of ducks in their nice, little rows?

Should I start by telling you that I think I found a paint color for the living room? That after six tries at one paint store, I went into a whole different one, bought the fan deck, picked a color in about 2 seconds, and it's perfect? Should I tell you its name is "Essential Gray?" Essential. That is what that color is to me. I need to make that room neutral and calming. I need it, badly. That being said, our grand plan (which is going to take 5 years to implement at the rate we're going) is to have bright, bold art and upholstery. We want chairs in one bright, print fabric and the couch in a contrasting bright, print fabric.

Should I start by telling you that I am actually looking forward to getting back into my basement and chucking 50% of the stuff still left in there? I am so over it. I watched two episodes of "Hoarders" recently, and that cured me. One of the women featured said the most interesting thing, "I buy the stuff because I think, If I have that, my family will come over for Thanksgiving. That will be nice to use when they're here. I finally realized that the stuff was the problem, not the solution." That disconnect astounds me. Having buried a father who died with at least 50 used styrofoam coffee cups he was "saving," I am well aware that I could go either way on this one. They do say there's a genetic link.

Should I start by telling you that I broke my No-More-Netflix rule and watched an episode recently of "Call the Midwife," and I love it, and there are many more episodes in my future?

I think I should start by telling you that it's officially time to wrap this post up, and commence with Beer O'Clock.



Elizabeth said...

I love your posts like this, especially when they end at Beer O'Clock. And you will LOVE "Call the Midwife." It doesn't count as standard Netflix since it's PBS.

kario said...

Should I tell you that I am now considering going out and purchasing pumice stones just so that I can see pristine toilet bowls?

You slay me. And inspire me. Glad you chose a paint color. said...

I can't imagine you are a hoarder, but that show is good therapy. Is it wrong I made Seth watch it before we moved in an effort to help him let go of some stuff?

It worked.