Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Drive Yourself Stark Raving Mad Picking Paint Colors

10.  Don't buy a fan deck

9. Bring home 10 different swatches and get 10 different opinions

8. Go back to store and select 3 colors, paint them in three different places

7. Hate all 3

6. Repeat

5. Have everyone that walks in the door tell you which one they like best and why

4. Try to please each of these people

3. Pick a color you love, then pick carpet

2. Decide the color you love, does not work with the carpet

1. Repeat until you relent and buy a fan deck


lily cedar said...

I vote for the green:) said...

I think the little collage you have going on there looks kinda sweet.

Elizabeth said...

You're freaking me out. Do you have any suggestions for grays?

kario said...

Or you do what I do, which is to choose only three samples, paint them on the wall, force yourself to ignore the fact that there ARE any other colors available now that you've chosen these three, and pick the one you hate the least. Paint it on the wall as quickly as possible, decide there's no going back, and find a way to embrace it for the next ten years until you do it over again.