Thursday, October 10, 2013

Care Will Get It

STM and I have had a joke for years, he would rip open a package of something, leave the remains on the counter and say, "Care will get it." Shoes. Socks. Dirty dishes, all things Care would get. Care being Care, would get them, too, because Care cannot stand for those things to just sit there, and STM counted on just that very thing.

Both kids have gone big with the Care-will-get-it way of life, and Woohoo has passed it on to her friends at college. When Woohoo, Noah and Marcie were at our house briefly on Friday before getting Wil, they made smoothies and left all the dishes/blender/etc. in the sink, with the following note:

Not sure just how much trouble three kids and two beers can get into, so I didn't get too worked up about the little PS.

Later this week Woohoo texted to say that Noah walked into the dorm kitchen and it was a mess, he said, "Care will get it." I'm sure whomever made the mess has a "Care" at home, too, that has picked up way too much after people that are way too capable of picking up after themselves. But it's hard to teach an old Care, new tricks.


Elizabeth said...

You're so adorable.

kario said...

The fact that we share the same name may or may not mean that a similar phenomenon exists in my home....