Friday, June 22, 2012


So, here's what you've missed since I've been absent from the blogosphere:

* Woohoo graduated.

* Before the Baccalaureate Mass STM and I took Woohoo out to dinner. This is what she wanted in lieu of a big party - dinner with both, and only, her two parents. Feeling like *&^% that this is far too seldom the case, we of course obliged. We had a nice time, gave her our gift, and toasted to her overall awesomeness. At one point in the evening she said something about how nice it was without Rojo tapping, singing, thumping his leg, interrupting, etc. STM said, "Oh, Rojo, you'll never know what he's done to us!"

Woohoo didn't miss a beat and said, "I wouldn't say to you, as much as I'd say for you. You aren't the same people you'd have been without him."

* She's clearly wise beyond her years, and so ready to have a life that isn't about him. Speaking of which...

* At the Baccalaureate Mass one of the salutatorians mentioned Rojo by name, and said the moment he won the Timber tickets and the whole school gave him a standing ovation, was the proudest moment for the school in all her four years.

* At least three times at the graduation something was said in one of the speeches, or during one of the award presentations, about the impact of the program Rojo is in, on the rest of the school. One of the boys that went WAAAAAYYY above and beyond (missed his Senior Skip Day to stay and help Rojo), got a special award. We nearly clapped our hands off for him, and later got a picture of him, his parents, his award, and Rojo.

* After the graduation, graduate after graduate came looking for Rojo to get a picture, a hug, a hand shake, a goodbye.

* One graduate had leis flown in from Hawaii for everyone in her family. And Rojo.

* There was an all-night party afterwards and I volunteered to help the first shift - 10:30 - 1:30. God love the people that came at 1:30 and relieved us.

* Woohoo came down with some flu bug right before the party, got picked up by STM at 5:00 AM on Sunday, and virtually slept for the next 48 hours.

* The next day was Father's Day and we had combined it with a graduation party for Woohoo. She missed the whole thing. Her "Congratulations, Woohoo" cake was delicious. We took a picture for her.

* Rojo will start his summer job of "working" at the same preschool he did last summer, on July 2nd. Until then, he is mine, mine, mine, and there is no end in sight of talking about the ice cream truck. Modern technology has only added to the frenzy. He now has friends positioned all over the neighborhood, poised and ready to respond the minute they hear the sounds. There is Face Time, texts, e-mails, phone calls, you-name-it, all in an effort to find the truck each and every day.

* He's now discovered Garage Band on his iPad and taps out songs to... say it with me... ice cream truck tunes!

* I had cataract surgery on Wednesday. The operation could NOT have taken more than 5-6 minutes. STM said he didn't spend 10 minutes total in the waiting room. Went great, and although there is some strobe-like thing going on now, I can already see better. I'm not even wearing my ill-fitting, very smudged, very cheap readers right now!

* Best thing about the surgery was the two days off I milked it for - the full day of, and the following day. Let's just say I am almost through Season 4 of "Private Practice," and leave it at that.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! So many happenings and all so exciting! Congrats to your daughter and congrats to your son. And I'm glad the surgery went well and your sight (both internal and external) is clearer than ever.

kario said...

I love, love, love, that Woohoo requested dinner with the two of you in lieu of a huge party. I'm sad that she was sick for her celebrations, though.

You are a busy, busy woman and I am glad you were able to find some time to relax, even if it came at the expense of an eye surgery (which gives me the willies, BTW). Hope the days between now and July 2 fly by and you quickly find peace again.


Amber said...

Very full life! Congrats to your girl. What an exciting time for her!! I love that time, when everything is ahead of you... Bless her on her journey.

:) said...

Keep milking it baby. You deserve it.

Tanya Savko said...

Congratulations on Woohoo's graduation! That she is so wonderful comes as no surprise, knowing you.