Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Through a wild small world and no accidents kind of thing, I recently had a conversation with a woman that had read my book, and shared it with a bunch of people at work. I then learned that she is a mental health professional, specializing in PTSD.

I came home from the encounter and was telling STM about it, and mentioned I would consider going to her, as I'm sure I have PTSD. "PTSD? That implies the trauma is in the past, that it's over. I have CTSD!"

"Chronic?" I asked.

"Current," he said. "I want PTSD for my birthday!"

Then we, of course, belly laughed, because what else are you going to do?

Wil was listening, and nothing makes him belly laugh harder than hearing others belly laugh (or watching them get injured, but that's another post).

"Well, I have ETSD," he quickly added, "Elmo traumatic stress disorder!"

By the looks of Elmo, I would say he's the one with the trauma.


fullsoulahead.com said...

Such a true statement, by STM.

kario said...

Brilliant. I think you've coined a new DSM diagnosis. (no, really, please don't).

You guys kill me. And Wil must love America's Funniest Home Videos if he likes seeing people get injured. Lola can hardly contain herself when she watches stuff like that.