Friday, March 14, 2014


As I said, I've been laboring over 1% problems such as pillow choices, trying to bring some new color and life into my house. I believe that everything has energy/qi. The qi in my house needed to move. We are a couple of over-fifty-somethings and a couple of late teenagers. Our house needed to reflect a different era of our life.

Down went all the school-age art.

Down went all the family portraits.

Down went all the pastel colors.

Out went to tired, dirty, cheap and wrong-to-begin-with, carpet.

Slowly, slowly, and I mean slowly, we've been re-shaping it. The paint took months to choose, the carpet, even longer. This whole process has moved much slower than I would prefer, yet at the same time, I have felt it's moved along at just the right pace. I am one to act in haste, repent at leisure. One to measure once, cut twice. Hang a picture just eyeballing it, then have three or four holes behind the picture because I wouldn't take 2 minutes to measure.

A word Wil uses all the time, and it makes me smile each time, is "eventiently." He means eventually, but he never pronounces it that way. "I'll do it, eventiently," he'll say. Today he told me that his friend, Lauren, was going to bring him an ice water from Starbucks when she went to get herself a white chocolate mocha. "But you know Lauren," he said, "she might forget. Eventiently she'll remember."

"Eventiently" has been the theme around here.

One thing that did not take any time at all to decide upon, was the plan to commission our friend, Candace, to do a painting for us. Candace has the perfect pairing of degrees: art and theology. Her art is infused with prayer, with love, and indeed, miracles. Things "show up" when she paints - surprising even herself. We knew that whatever she ended up with, would be just perfect for us, and it is.

My photography "skills" don't do this work-of-art justice. You probably can't see the faint Hail Mary written in there, nor the Buddhist temple, nor the Buddha, the Lady of Guadalupe, a Chinese symbol, the Holy Family, the blue angel with white wings, the glowing Mary and more. Believe me, they are there. 

Eventiently, more will be revealed.

Eventiently, more is always revealed.


Elizabeth said...

I know that jealousy is unattractive, but I am not only jealous of that gorgeous art but also of the fact that you're freshening up your home and qi. I am still in the mode of wanting to walk out the front door, toss a lit match and start all over.

kario said...

Lovely. The painting is fabulous and I can totally relate to the "measure once, cut twice" mentality. I am so impatient when it comes to making change, and in awe of your ability to let this particular project draw itself out. said...

I love the painting and I love that you are taking your time. And I love Elizabeth's comment.

Lola said...