Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chop that Wood, Carry Water


I've written, or tried to write, rather, several blog posts lately, then deleted them. Just not coming together. I'm better suited to go to Cost Plus World Market on a frequent basis, and spend my energies debating on pillows for the living room.

I'm in a place where I am very content chopping wood and carrying water. The mundane, repetitive, "brainless" tasks of the day, fill me up. It's nice spending hours in quiet with time to let my mind wander, better yet, be still.

My Lenten goal to give up worrying has not been 100% successful, but if I worry even 20% less than I had been, then I will consider that a step in the right direction. I read recently (sorry, can't remember where) that worry is an act of defiance. It's a loss of faith.

Did you know that a recent study shows 21% of all Americans believe faith is unimportant? I find that statistic shocking and depressing. I understand all the valid reasons to be fed up with organized religion, but to have nothing at all to believe in? No faith, and thus, in my opinion, no hope? Wow.

I just learned WIL OF GOD is being considered for an award given to a book that either illuminates, progresses, or redirects thought. I am deeply honored. It's funny, because just as I was deleting yet another post because I didn't have the oomph to hit the same points I feel like I make all the time,  notification of my book's consideration, popped in my inbox. Say it with me, there are no accidents.

So, I guess if I can in any way illuminate, progress, or redirect your thoughts on faith, then I will get my ass out of Cost Plus and back in the writing chair.

5 comments: said...

Congrats Care! So happy for you! xo

lily cedar said...

It was a wonderful book Carrie. I decided to give up complaining for Lent and have been only slightly successful but I guess that's better than not at all.

Elizabeth said...

Knowing you, ruminations on pillows in Cost Plus will be so amusing and perhaps even illuminating of something else, that I'll be satisfied. And you know I love your writing as well.

Congratulations on the possible award. You should win.

kario said...

Absolutely something to be said for those times in our lives when we are "chopping wood, carrying water." I know that your mind and spirit are not idle and it won't be long before you come back and write something else that I ponder long and hard.

Love the possible award. Goodness knows I have felt that way about you and your writing for many years!


terry said...

remember...just when you start getting sick of yourself saying the same thins is the same time when others are just beginning to absorb it. Must. Keep. Going.