Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is a multiple-choice test. Pick the best response to these scenarios:

1) Two women are having lunch. One says to the other, "I feel like I'm in a whole different world than my friends. They're talking about the thread count of their sheets and the best place to buy quality towels. I get my sheets and towels on sale at Fred Meyer!"

A) Fred Meyer? I get my sheets and towels at Bi-Mart!

B) At least you get new sheets and towels, you should see MINE!

C) Tell me more about feeling like you're in a whole different world.

2) Two friends are having coffee. One says to the other, "I'm really worried about my son. He's not acting like himself. He's angry, sullen, I wonder if he's using drugs."

A) That reminds me of my friend whose son was on drugs and he....

B) At least your son is in college. My son is...

C) Tell me more about what's going on.

3) Two friends are on the phone. One says to the other, "I'm losing it. I can't remember anything, I'm not sleeping well, my heart is racing all the time, I feel like I can't even breathe."

A) Me, too! Let me tell you all about the symptoms I'm having, they're much worse than yours!

B) At least you're rich.

C) Tell me more.

How'd you do?

4 comments: said...

I love my C friends.

kario said...

Oh. Yes. Tell me more. Absolutely.

3oe4ka said...

You are the embodiment of C friend, Carrie!

Lola said...

Tell me more and how can I help. I learned to be a C from an amazing friend!