Monday, April 22, 2013

Turkey in the Straw

Wil woke me up at 5:55 on Sunday morning to tell me I could sleep in. Then he proceeded to play (and record himself playing) this:

He asked (ordered) me to blog about this, and in addition to two other fun facts:

STM told him they would go for a run at 7:15, STM is trying to get Wil to build up some muscles to go with this 5'11 1/2", 115 lb. body. "CARE! GET ME A BARF BAG!" he shouted upon this announcement, followed immediately with, "CARE! BLOG ABOUT THAT! BLOG ABOUT ME TELLING YOU TO GET ME A BARF BAG! DON'T FORGET TO BLOG ABOUT THE BARF BAG, CARE!"

He then spent the bulk of his day texting everyone and their dog to arrange for a certain family to go to 10:30 Mass so he could sit with them. He didn't have contact information for them, so he went through his exhaustive list of people that might. When they did not show up at Mass despite his efforts, he moved on to Plan B: get them to meet him at the park after Mass. That proved fruitless, as well.

He returned home and played a "concert" for us that was a louder, more varied form of the above, but this time it went on for a full 20 minutes. He repeated this pattern of trying to reach the family, playing a concert, trying to reach the family, playing a concert, all day long. And let me emphasize, long.


Elizabeth said...

I love ya'll.

kario said...

Good thing church is on Sundays so you can pray for Monday to come, quick!

Think he has Spring Fever? Supposed to be gorgeous this week - maybe he'll go to the park ;-)

Deb said...

He's right in calling you Care. Just saying. said...

And that is an example of parenting as a spiritual practice. Not a mark on him.

Tanya Savko said...

I don't know which is funnier - that he woke you at 5:55 on a Sunday to tell you you could sleep in, or "DON'T FORGET TO BLOG ABOUT THE BARF BAG, CARE!" I will be laughing for at least a week.