Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Day

Wil took it upon himself to come up with a make-shift "Spirit Week." He decided that he, his friend (and mine), Jack, and his two primary teachers, would wear a different color each day. He was relentless (shocker) in reminding poor Jack about Blue Day. He texted Jack's mom (probably several times), and at 6:00 AM the morning of Blue Day, I heard him on the phone. "Who were you calling?" I asked.

"Joyce. I told her to text Patty and remind her to remind Jack to wear blue," which of course Joyce did, and of course Patty still did not lose her mind, but instead, made sure her boy was outfitted according to orders.

The one fly in the ointment was he did not alert the teachers early enough, and one was already driving to work before he emailed her. "Honey," I said,"it's 6:45 AM, she is probably already on her way to work, she might not be wearing blue."


Well, she didn't, and when he started in on her, both teachers asked him why he chose blue for that day, and why it was so important to him?

"Well, because you-know-who (one of his favorite people) went to Notre Dame and blue is one of their colors, and besides, someone might be feeling blue today, and we can support them."

Hours later it was learned that you-know-who had had a death in the family.

I don't have to convince you, I know, he knew. He knew before the death even occurred. He knew before the death had been announced. He knew before his special person was feeling blue, that he would be feeling blue.

And he'd be dressed and ready for support.

Point to that on the bell curve.


Elizabeth said...

There should be a whole new IEP for these beautiful and prescient children. said...

Point to that on the bell curve.

I love it.

Tanya Savko said...

That boy is dialed in. Completely.