Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Best Medicine

Not a lot to laugh about over here lately, although, my mother-in-law and I were able to have a few giggles sitting in the hospital day after day, reminiscing. There's nothing like the death of a loved one to help you pull your head out of your *&% and have crystal clear (however temporary) insight into what really matters, and what, simply, doesn't.

I got my Christmas present early this year, and it was a biggie. I've had an varicose vein that I wanted removed, but it was "asymptomatic." I guess the psychological distress it caused me was not a "symptom." Anyway, because it wasn't causing horrible pain, we got to pay out-of-pocket, I told STM it could be my Christmas present, 50th birthday present, on and on and on. Just get that thing off my leg. Finally, on Wednesday, I got this sucker fished out. You don't even want to know more than that. Trust me.

By the way - see the cute pajama bottoms on my "good leg?" Those came to me from my friend, Amy, all wrapped in a Victoria's Secret box, complete with darling top, shortly after my blog post depicting the state of my sleepwear. Note to self: picture more things on blog, in a state of disrepair.

The day after my minimally invasive surgery, I had lunch with my friend liz, and her daughter, Andrea, aka, A Farmer in the Dell. Super fun with lots of laughs (and of course, yummy food.) Then, for dinner, I went out with three friends I met over 20 years ago. We used to all teach together, before I had Woohoo. We've been doing birthdays, Christmas and just-because dinners ever since. This time the occasion was Marti's recent marriage. For years we've been pushing Marti to marry her long-time boyfriend, whom we all adore (and so does she). Not sure if it was because we threatened offered to be bridesmaids, or what, but Marti up and got married by a justice of the peace without so much as how do you do.

Naturally, we took the proper actions. She had denied us the opportunity to be bridesmaids, but she wasn't going to deny us the opportunity to dress up and have some laughs.

A special thanks to my sister-in-law for providing three of the perfect dresses for the occasion. A special thanks to everyone that makes me laugh. A special thanks to all my good friends.



kario said...

I LOVE THIS! I love that you guys put on those frilly dresses and whooped it up! I'll bet your friend Marti is feeling mighty blessed right about now.

And I'm glad you are finding some blessings (although I'm not surprised - you usually do) in your own life. That vein surgery? Glad you had it. You're right - I don't want to know any more.

Love you.

Lola said...

What a great post! Celebrating laughter AND great friends!
P. S. I often attempt to comment but cannot beat the spam robot word ver...sigh

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that's awesome! What terrific friends you have!

As for the rest, well, there's nothing like a bit or varicosity to remind one of one's age. Ugh. said...

It appears you all went out in public in those dresses. I love it and everything about it.

Congrats on your vein removal. Removing "things" is a very good things to do. LOL.


Ajax said...

I ambled this way via Elizabeth's blog, and i love farmerinthedell too. You all are so vibrant here at Love., but i suppose that was to be expected. Cheers.

Amber said...

Oh!! I DO wanna know more!! How do they "fish it out"??
That sounds cool. Were you awake for it?

You ladies look like you had fun. I, um, like your dress.


Laurie said...

You sure know how to pack a lot of fun into your surgery week! Way to go!