Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Bye

This is Dr. David Willis. You can also go ahead and call him our guru, our healer, our leader, our friend, our counselor, our behavioral/developmental pediatrician, our beloved. We got word this week that he is leaving his practice here in Portland and accepting a giant job in Washington D.C., where I am certain he will change the world. Fortunately, we had an appointment with him the day before the letters arrived in the mail. We were able to hug, cry, and tell him what he's meant to us all these years: everything.

His leaving is a huge loss to not just us, but hundreds, possibly thousands of people in this area. I spoke to his scheduler yesterday, she is receiving between 18-20 calls an hour from freaked out parents.

I have written about Dr. Willis before on my blogs, it is impossible to tell our story, without talking about him. In my most recent memoir, he is mentioned several times. The man is an angel and like all good angels, he fell into our laps. He came to us. There are no accidents and this was no exception, when we were completely upside down fourteen and a half years ago, he came to us.

It is important that I remember that Dr. Willis found us, Flicka found us, lots and lots of angels have found us and will continue to. There is no scarcity. There is nothing to fear.

But there are good byes.


Elizabeth said...

I love the way you look at life with all your humor and wisdom -- thank you for consistently and constantly reminding me that there are no accidents, that the universe is welcoming if our eyes, ears and hearts are open to it. I'm sorry that you treasured doctor is leaving you, but like you, I imagine the next good and right thing is around the corner.

Jerri said...

There is no good-bye. Plus, like Casper, Dr. Willis may turn up again when you least expect him. Or not, but either way, love goes on. said...


kario said...

I love that he came to you and I am absolutely certain that you and your family have taught him an awful lot as well. The reciprocity of a solid relationship is such a beautiful thing, and your acknowledgment of his contributions to your lives is such a great testament to his work and your family's willingness to be open to him and his gifts.

terry said...

Aww. I will sure miss him. But look forward to the huge blessings he will bestow in his new role.

Amber said...

That would be hard. :(

But if I have learned anything from these years of "watching" you guys from afar, I know that just the right next person will come along.