Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joy Boy

We have nicknamed Rojo Joy Boy. The boy just exudes (loudly) joy, pretty much 24/7. At times when I'm ready to strangle him due to the excessive (loud) joy, I remember that many a mom would give her right arm to have a child that is not only happy, but as I say, joyful (and loud). Moms that have never heard their children speak, never heard them laugh, sing, give glory to God in the highest while YouTubing church songs. None of that.

This is Joy Boy's favorite song in the whole entire world. Know any other fifteen year old boys that go around with their hands in the air and a smile a mile long, singing alleluia?

Me, neither.

4 comments: said...

The Catholics do have their good hymns.

Sing it, Rojo!

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jess said...

I fu%@ing love him. Joy indeed.

Amber said...


I giggle a little at this, because Kory and I have an on going joke about how I need to beat some of the happy out of our kids-- they are just so loud and HAPPY! All.The.Time. It gets hard on me, and my grumpy ass. LOL

These are the words to a song G just wrote-- and is singing all the time this break-- that I bet JoyBoy would like...

"What are we gonna do today? What would you like to do today? Would you want to dance and play, read books and take a chance? Today today the sun is shining and eveybody is happy, so what are we gonna do today? doo doo doo todaaaay??"