Monday, January 17, 2011

Season of Sabbath

STM and I had an interesting conversation after mass on Saturday night. I started off by asking him to be thinking of what we could do for Lent this year - either something to give up together, something to do together, something to do for other people together, something.

"Let's get a bottle of wine and show up on a different couple's porch each week and tell them we're coming in for a drink," was STM's first response. Sounds fun in theory, but no way on God's green earth would I ever do that, primarily because (with very few exceptions) I'd hate it if someone did that to me.

I want to be the person that is cool having unexpected company. I want to be the person that is already cooking a fabulous meal and has room and food for two more at the table. I want to be the person that can totally put aside what my plan for the night was, and go with what the plan for the night has turned out to be.

I am not that person.

"You know?" STM continued, "I want to give to myself for Lent. This week I spent Tuesday night helping blah blah do blah blah. I spent Wednesday night helping blah blah do blah blah, and I spent Thursday night helping blah blah do blah blah. The thing is, I'm giving, giving, giving, and have never needed me more."

I can't stop thinking about that, "I have never needed me more."

After posting about the Sabbath, the friend that I wrote about, the one that took a whole year and called it  the Sabbath year, told me about a great book that she and her husband used called, appropriately enough, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives. My suggestion to STM the next time this conversation surfaces, will be that we make Lent a season of Sabbath. Rest sounds heavenly, renewal needed, and delight? Not enough can be made of how delightful a little delight would be. I know that the key is not to go outside of myself looking for things that are delightful, but to open my eyes to all that is around me that is there to be delighted in, if only I slow enough to notice.

So, relax, STM and I won't be showing up with a bottle of wine and announcing our plans to take over your evening, but with any luck and a lot of effort, we will have looks on our faces you may not recognize - Sabbath faces full of rest, renewal and delight.

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Jerri said...

I am LOVING how you and STM are working together here -- planning for Lent together, thinking about what you need together, talking about what matters.

There's some delight, my friend. Some serious delight.

Elizabeth said...

This sounds so great on so many levels. (and I couldn't help but think of that horrible and silly song from the seventies called "Afternoon Delight")!!!

Wanda said...

Heavenly...just heavenly. said...

I WISH you and STM would show up at my house!!! And I love his idea of giving to himself.

Deb Shucka said...

I love that STM's words were God's voice for you, and that you're looking inward, starting with the heart that matters most. Love.

kario said...

Absolutely brilliant! Take an A - both of you! Can't wait to hear about your sabbath adventures!