Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Level Up

 Meet my friend, Greg. He's actually much larger than this in real life - and his personality is even bigger.

Greg can do pretty much anything. Including making really great short movies. You have to see his latest, Level Up. Not only is it DELIGHTFUL, it stars his son, Leo, and their daughter, Sophie, is in it, as well. Greg just happens to be married to my friend, Toeless, and we all know you know about my friend Toeless! Not enough can be made of this movie. Have a watch! Send your friends! Laugh! Smile! Enjoy! And THANK THE GOOD LORD YOU ARE NOT STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Here's a trailer to get you wound up!


Anonymous said...

I know your friend Greg and his wife Toeless! (though I call her Terry.)
They're great!
xo said...

I LOVED the film!

And not enough will ever be made of Toeless in Philly.

kario said...

I watched it and loved it. Very fun. True to life. And thank GOD I'm done with all of that!