Monday, December 3, 2018


"Don't wait too long to get another one!"

"When are you getting another one?"

Variations on the same theme and message: you need another dog, ASAP.

"We miss Flicka, but we're enjoying being pet-free," was our response. We didn't miss the hair, the rigid schedule, the expense, the obligation.

We were in no way considering another dog. That was our story, and we were sticking to it.

STM and I had been hearing Woohoo talk of Honey for months. "Don't get any crazy ideas about bringing Honey home with you," we cautioned.

When we landed in Puerto Vallarta, it was only a matter of hours until we met Honey, Pickles and Nova, favorites of Woohoo's from the dog rescue shelter at which she'd been volunteering.

Woohoo played it smart. She didn't push. She understood when we told her we thought Honey was adorbs, but that we were not considering another dog.

Long about Day 3, Honey came up in conversation again. "I'm considering it," I told her.

"I know you are," she said, adding nothing further.

You all know where this story ends.

And begins.

Tomorrow, we will go to PDX and pick up two honeys: Woohoo and Honey.

Welcome home, Woohoo.

Welcome to the Link family, Honey. We think you'll be very happy here.

2 comments: said...

Love this. So happy for Honey and all involved.

Jill said...

Love this. Your daughter looks just like you!

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