Monday, October 12, 2015

Past, Present, Future

We all have a friend or two, or even more, if we're very, very lucky, that always guides us to just what we need, when we need it. My friend, Val, is like that for me. She came over for tea this summer, and with her she brought a set of Mother Mary Oracle cards, and taught me how to use them.

The deck contains 44 beautifully illustrated cards with accompanying guidebook that offers practical healing processes and affirmations.

It should be noted that I have yet to draw such cards as the ones above, and have even dug through the stack to make sure they were included in my stack. No, I continue to draw Our Lady of Truth, Our Lady of the Inner Gate, Our Lady with the Moon at Her Feet. Go ahead and say it with me, "No accidents."

Over and over I receive messages such as, "You must provide the trust in me that gives you courage to take the journey." "Your world is changing, triggered by the transformations already happening within you as you grow spiritually." "I will help you outgrow that which no longer serves, so that what you struggle to attain now, through effort, in time will come naturally to you."

There is also a theme running of not getting what I want, because something different is intended, which begs the question, why even ask?

Each morning I try to quiet the monkey mind, sit in my prayer space with lovely music and lots of candles, and pull a card after shuffling with some degree of inner guidance. One option outlined in the guidebook is to draw three cards, and line them up left to right. The first one you draw represents the past, the second the present, and the third, the future. You are to have the intention of integrating the past, understanding the present, and opening up to your best possible future. This is what I drew today:

By integrating the past, I know that the changes I have encountered, were actually blessings of answered prayers. By understanding the present, I know that I have to surrender all doubt and fear, and trust in Mary's loving grace. By opening up to the best possible future, Mary promises to replace fatigue and struggle with boundless energy of compassion and passionate purpose.

Yes, please.

You can order yourself a set here.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this. I have the Poet Tarot Book of Creative Exploration and often throw the Iching -- it's amazing how these things give us a pathway to what is deeply internal.