Monday, October 19, 2015

Life is But a Dream

Did you guys watch your "Super Soul Sunday" last night with Thomas Moore? That show, alone, makes it worth having cable. Moore, a former monk and now psychotherapist, talked about how to make A Religion of One's Own. Loved it and everything about it.

He also spoke about the importance of our dream life, and tapping into it for greater understanding and healing. I just came across two dream journals as I continue to purge, and although I eventually tossed them, it was interesting to see what I've dreamed and wrestled with in the past, as opposed to now.

A few nights ago I dreamed I was running a marathon (I am a huge walker, but not a runner). I was running alone, and apparently, the only runner in the marathon. The marathon was unmarked and held none of the hoopla marathons typically do. I couldn't even tell where I was on the course - no end in sight.

I kept running and running and wondering, am I almost done, yet? I looked down at my shoe to see if there were a chip that was keeping track for me, but there was a padlock, instead.

The dream ended when I finally decided enough was enough, I must be close enough, or more than likely, past the unrecognized finish line.

The marathon part of me.

The running (not walking) part of me.

The unmarked part of me.

The no-hoopla part of me.

The no-end-in-sight part of me.

The padlocked part of me.

The unrecognized part of me.

The self-determined finish line part of me.


Elizabeth said...

I swear you should hang a shingle outside your door and be a modern-day Jung. Memorues, Dreams, Reflections -- by Carrie Link.

kario said...

For some reason, this weighs heavy on my heart this morning. Perhaps because I'm feeling the strain of that marathon, too. The padlock nearly slayed me. I do love you, my dear. Thank you for your always-wisdom and your willingness to share it.