Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 Things Bugging Me at this Moment

10. People that say, "Inneresting."

9. People that cannot get the proper use of me/I (this includes almost everyone)

8. The general assumption that everyone prefers an 80+ degree day, over, say, a perfectly fine 65 degree day

7. People who don't use capital letters

6. People that insert an apostrophe before every word ending in "s"

5. People that try and sound smart by using "badly" to describe how they feel (see: bad vs. badly)

4. People that don't spell out words, and resort to using R, U, C, 2, etc...

3. Smugness

2. People easily bugged by things that don't matter

1. People that distract themselves from what they really need to focus on, by writing Top 10 lists

2 comments: said...

Sorry you are having a rough day Care. xo

Elizabeth said...

It's a good and entertaining distraction, though.

and, yes -- i hate it when people don't use capital letters. why do they think this is cool? it seems so contrived and lame except when you're e.e. cummings writing a sexy love poem.