Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Flowers Bloom

Gratitude is a flower
that blooms in noble souls.

Pope Francis

We all know that you can't think your way out of a rut, you have to "do" your way out. 

We all know that like attracts like, and when you're in a dark place, you're drawn to others in a dark place.

We all know that it's easy to over-generalize and globalize; that when several things are not going well in our lives, we can easily feel that nothing is going well.

We all know that the lies we tell ourselves are big and powerful and hard to break through.

One thing I just learned was that 60% of what we do is habit. The key to life, therefore, is developing good ones.

Digging for, discovering and delighting in all that is positive in our lives, is worth making into a habit.

I've been having my own go-round with life-sucks-thinking. I decided to finally write some much over-due thank-you notes. After writing three, I decided to keep going. I used up my Trader Joe's $. 99 cards, then dug out my special occasion stationary. What am I saving it for? It's to be used, and what better way to use it, than to say thank you.

It helped. It opened up the channel of gratitude that I'd silenced with despair. It didn't make the things that are hard and despair-making go away, but it brought a perspective that was missing.

We're all noble souls. We're all fighting a hard battle. We're all just doing the best we can with what we know.

Thank you.


Jennifer Holcomb said...

And,thank YOU. Those last three sentences. Love it.

Elizabeth said...

Yes. You have always had this gratitude thing down, Carrie -- at least from my perspective. I can emulate it, start there. And I, too, have a ton of thank you notes that are long overdue. I believe I will do as you've done and start writing them.

Thank you.