Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is the moment I've waited nearly three months for. The moment I sit at the coffee shop with my dry cappuccino in a "for here" mug, and breathe. The moment I put my over-the-ear headphones on and with every fiber in my being, discourage conversation from well-meaning strangers. The moment I  take a vow of silence. I will not speak to another human being until I pick up Wil at 2:35 today and hear all about his day. I even crammed a long-distance phone call to a textbook company this morning at 6:30 AM, whose offices are on the East Coast, just so I wouldn't have to face that task during my "off" hours. Woohoo had a snafu with her Spanish textbooks, and long story short, I was not going to pay an additional $180 for two sets, so phone phobia be damned, those books are going back.

Yesterday Wil was especially janked up - summer went out with a bang. He was burping, farting, humming, clucking his tongue, loudly singing, playing the piano and keyboard, all day long. "I've been farting on you for three months," he announced, as though I needed the reminder.

I have a million things on my To Do list, but top of the list is: Restore Sanity. When I finish my coffee I will amble home, take Flicka on a long quiet walk, start the dishwasher, start the laundry, and relish in the sounds that the machines that make my life easier, make. They will not burp, fart, hum, sing, bang, thump their feet, or ask to be taken anywhere. They will just purr along as a backdrop to sounds my soul longs for me to hear.


kario said...

I love that you have this ritual. I, too, take solace in the sounds of an empty house with machines running that clean things. We have a staggered start to the school year this year, so Lola is gone for the day, but Eve is here for two more days. Next Monday will be my "ahhh" day.


Elizabeth said...

Big sigh from here.


Tanya Savko said...

"I've been farting on you for three months" - funny to read, I'm sure not funny to hear. But I love that he said it!