Thursday, August 23, 2012


Where to begin? We took Woohoo to college on Tuesday evening, but she was really just leaving for a 2-day service trip. We had one hour to "drop"her stuff in her room, and then get her over to where she needed to be to head out for service. Because if there's one thing STM does well it's pack/load/unload, we had that girl fully in, in 1 1/2 trips from the car, thanks to STM's handy dandy hand truck/cart thingy. Then, today, I went back and met her after she finished the service immersion, and helped her really settle into her room. Actually? I put her clothes on hangers and tried not to tell her where everything really SHOULD go, since it's, let's face it, none of my business.

Went back later this evening to learn all about dorm life from the hall director, and bring her various things she's thought of that she needs, and haul more stuff out that she doesn't. Tomorrow and Saturday are full orientation days for parents and students, culminating with an all-school Mass on Saturday night and then the big goodbye.

Got back tonight and Rojo said, "So, do you miss her already?" There is something so different about knowing she's gone and not coming back, versus a typical day where she might be gone all day and I never even see her, but knowing she'll be sleeping in the room next to ours, eventually.

Rojo swears he doesn't miss her, but it's obvious he does. He hasn't been himself for days, first really edgy and crusty, and now really quiet and somber.  I'm starting to get to know Woohoo's roommate's mother. She asked tonight, "How is this for Rojo?" which of course bonds me to her forever because she gets that this transition affects us all, even, and maybe especially, him.

On the (big) plus side, Woohoo is obviously happy. I'd go so far as to say giddy. And I love, love, LOVE her college. I'd give my right arm to trade places with her, but alas, we are here, she is there, and we are all reorienting.


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

Such a huge transition in your lives, Carrie! Hey, weren't WE just heading off to college, ourselves? Time flies by waaay too you, dear old friend!

Me said...

Hang in there...Care :) said...

So happy for all of you, except maybe Rojo. I'm holding him in love during this transition.

You did good, raising that girl and letting her fly.

Amber said...

You are such a good mom. Your kids are so lucky to have you. How I would have LOVED to have a mom like you...and so I will try hard to BE a mom like you.

Blessing to all of you during this time of change. It is only change.


kario said...

I can't wait to hear the stories of this first year for her. I know she will soar and I suspect that Rojo will learn a lot about himself, too.

Love to you all.