Monday, November 28, 2011

What's New Around Here

I am playing catch-up today after five L-O-N-G days with Rojo. I swear with every inch he grows, he gets one notch louder. His voice is changing, he's taller than me now, and has the "gift" my side of the family has, with a voice that really carries. It's impossible to find a place in our home where you can forget he's also in the home. Impossible.

Oh, and did I tell you STM wants to get a motor home after Woohoo goes off to college, so STM, Rojo, Flicka and I can travel together in a space smaller than our kitchen? Days on end in close quarters? "Ideally" with two TVs, so the boys can each watch their shows and I guess I'll be somewhere with earplugs AND headphones, and a giant Margarita? I have convinced STM that the first thing to do is rent one for a week and see how we all do. I'm taking bets now on who calls "uncle" first. I doubt we'll make it past the city limits.

Woohoo got into the university she was hoping to get into! WOOHOO for Woohoo! She has her colleges narrowed down to two, and they are apples and oranges. I am trying (rather unsuccessfully) to not sway her with my strong preference of one over the other, even though the "other" is where I went to college. Not a thing in the world wrong with that university, I just don't see how it would be the right fit for Woohoo. Actually "sway" is not the right word, I'm trying to not drive her so crazy that she picks the other one just to spite me.

I am pretty much living on pumpkin pie with aerosol whip cream and eggnog lattes. Every year I tell myself I'm not going to succumb, and every year I do. It's about a one-month thing that I am simply powerless over. If eggnog were available year-round I wouldn't touch it. It's my November-December "thing."

We continued our tradition of going out the day after Thanksgiving (I refuse to call it Black Friday, what TFBS), and cutting down our Christmas tree. I'm happy to report that our house is fragrant with the scent of a Shasta fir, and the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. Our Christmas dishes are out and being used, and they make me happy. My pumpkin pie is extra yummy served on them.

STM and I had a "crisis" when the DVR was out of new things to watch and On Demand was down. We actually watched last week's "Modern Family" again, because we'd laughed so much the first time. Happy to report we laughed just as hard, or harder, the second time. That's the first show to come along since "Seinfeld," that really makes me giggle. My favorite is Cam, I belly laugh at every word and gesture from him. In fact, I'm having a chuckle right now just thinking of Cam. Cam. Cam. Funny, funny Cam!

We are going to see Santa next week, and Rojo is going to ask him for a little stuffed bear to replace Max, the one with a broken nose that I tried to fix, but to no avail. Let's hope Santa can put his hands on a new Max, because it can't be sort of like Max, it needs to be Max, but with a perfect nose.

So, some big things, some little things, your basic life.

6 comments: said...

Love it all. Except the motor home. could be used for father son only adventures.

kario said...

I am with Michele! STM and Rojo adventures sounds like a terrific idea!

Love me some pumpkin pie, but I didn't get any this year. Maybe at Christmas I will have finally perfected the GF pie crust so I can have some.

Glad you're enjoying the beginning of the season. I'm taking some cues from you and indulging myself tomorrow.

Carrie Link said...
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Amber said...

I'm with Michelle on the Rv idea... Or UNLESS it could be used for girl only trips for blogging reunions...Hmmm... ;)

I can't believe you already have Christmas up! Thank God Georgia can't read this, or I would have no peace.


Elizabeth said...

I fantasize periodically about a motor home and driving to the Dakotas. Logistically, though, it's not happening.

And Cam is my favorite character, too. Followed by Gloria --

Brenda said...

WOW! Woohoo going off to college? Already? And she asked you to purge her room? I will love it when (IF) my son ever asks me to do that. I would love to purge my house. And I love pumpkin pie, thinking about having the eggnog latte with whipped cream, now.

My captcha word is "undite" which I pretty sure is trying to tell me to "undiet."