Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 10 Things I've Found While Looking for Rojo's Retainers

We had a GREAT vacation (more on that in another post). The kids did great (more on that in another post), the house looked great (more on that in another post), fun was had by all (more on that in another post). Only "casualty" of the time away was one set of retainers. They went all Don Wilson on us. Vanished. Thin air. Were right there and now they simply aren't. I know they'll turn up, but now the clock is ticking and I do NOT want Rojo's teeth to move while we wait for Don Wilson to return the damn things to where he found them. This could take months (and usually does).

So, I've turned the house UPSIDE DOWN looking for them (they are $180 to replace, not something I feel like forking money over for right now, or ever, actually). Have NOT found the retainers, but I have found these...

10. 29 bobby pins

 9.  Rojo's sunglasses he lost in July (which I did replace, so now he has a back up pair for next July, roughly the next time he'll need them around here)

 8. Nine of Flicka's "chews"

 7. Balled up Kleenex

 6. Screw thingies from a drawer that broke ages ago

 5.  Dust bunnies too numerable to count

 4. An empty Gatorade bottle

 3. An empty something else, not-quite-sure-what bottle

 2. My 5 lb. weights I've been wondering about

 1. Candy wrappers


Elizabeth said...

Nothing like hitting the ground running when you get back from vacay, right?

Oh, dear. I'll say a prayer to St. Anthony that you'll find the retainer. I can still remember my mother climbing through and picking through the garbage AT MY HIGH SCHOOL, searching for my sister's retainer!

terry said...

Glad you're back.

I sorted through ALL the kitchen trash at the Hampton Inn Danbury Connecticut last winter so I feel your pain. We did find it though. It was, of course at the very bottom of the last possible bin.

fullsoulahead.com said...

Stop looking. Vow to give it up. Only then will Don Wilson get tired of the game.

Anonymous said...

What? No loose change?

kario said...

Couldn't you fashion some of those 29 bobby pins in to a replacement retainer for him just for now? ;-) Minus the dustbunnies, of course.

Dee said...

Dear Carrie, When I was little, my mom taught to say, "Anthony, Anthony, look around! Something's lost and must be found" when I had lost something.

I still do this. I stress certain syllables and the rhyme so as to make a short of chant. Then I dance and my feet also stress the syllables.

And you know what, Carrie, somehow I will have an image of where what I've lost is and low and behold and above and below--I find it!

Of course Anthony for a Roman Catholic is Saint Anthony of Padua, who is the patron of lost causes!