Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 10 Things I Love About Writing

10. Entertaining myself and with luck, someone else

9. Being silly

8. The cathartic effect of of a good rant

7. Writing something I know will comfort at least one person

6. Writing something I know will get a rise out of at least one person

5. Writing something that makes me laugh

4. The surprises

3. The satisfaction of writing something that really nails it

2. How I don't know what I really think about something until my fingers type it on the computer, and my eyes read it

1. Hearing someone say, "You put into words what I've been thinking, but didn't even know I was thinking."


Jerri said...

The magic of finding things on the screen that you didn't consciously know never gets old, does it?

And get ready for hearing #1 over and over and over. You speak so well for so many.

As for silly, anything that includes Rojo has to include some silly. That boy gets how funny life is, in every sense of the word.

Kim said...

Yes! I was hoping you would do this!

Anonymous said...

Writing gets things out of my head, allows me to clarify things and let go of them often. I wonder what illiterate people do, it must be awful to not have writing as way of dealing with things.

Anonymous said...

i like the spaces between 8 and 7 and 2 and 1. room for our own, methinks.

and for the record, your writing nearly always 10s, 7s and 1s. love you.

Anonymous said...

Good list, Carrie

Amber said...

Yes, to all.

#8...hell yes.


Deb Shucka said...

Love your top ten lists - especially when they help me remember what's important to me. 2 and 1 are my favorites, oh and 3, and 4 - never mind, this is a perfect list.

kario said...

Yay! So pleased you did this one, too.


Anonymous said...

: )



Wanda said...

I love it that you love to write.

deb said...

and I'm thinking you will help more than one person.