Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Ten days into the new year, and I think Christmas 2017 is nearly in the rearview mirror. The tree is down. The boxes, put away. The wreath carefully deconstructed and the wires thrown away, the greenery placed in the compost bin.

The items that didn't fit, have been returned. The pants that did, have been hemmed. Thank you cards are out.

The "vending machine" from Santa, filled with Tropicana fruit punch, was not what the recipient had in mind. It first sat in our living room, quickly unplugged, for a week. When asked where he might like to have it, he suggested his sister's old room - a room he never goes in.

"It's okay to say you appreciate the gift from Santa, but would like to pass it on," we said.

Never admitting it wasn't doing the trick, he simply ignored it altogether. I've been in touch with Santa, and he's agreed to take it back, pass it onto a child that would really love it.

January is the month of putting away, cleaning up, clearing. As the decorations went away, and our usual stuff came back out, I saw just how dingy, faded, worn-out some of it was. It's time to replace, or eliminate -- to return.


Jennifer Holcomb said...

(1) I think the “vending machine” is brilliant, Santa is one smart cookie; (2) I had no idea what you meant when you wrote that the wreath had been carefully deconstructed. I imagined something giant that you rebuild every year . . . But, of course, you take apart to recycle it all properly. Again, Santa is one smart cookie! I learn something new every day. Xo

Elizabeth said...

I have been thinking of you lately and one of those big purges you did or documented on your blog many, many years ago. You have been such an inspiration in my life, Carrie --

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