Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Woohoo graduates from college in 19 days. How is this possible? As they say, the days are long and the years are short. So true.

We decided we both needed new dresses and shoes for the big graduation. Not enough can really be made of this milestone, and new outfits would help to make a little more out of it. Sunday, Woohoo and I went to the mall where we've been together a million times, but not for a long, long time. That, in itself, was sentimental, just walking by the stores where we used to get her children's clothes, then her tween and teenage outfits. She's not much of a mall person these days, but recalls when going there was what she most wanted to do.

Times change.

Because Woohoo and I are similar shoppers (quick and efficient, no dilly-dallying), we were able to select our dresses and matching shoes pretty easily, and had plenty of time to go across the street and have a beer. Not enough can be made of having your children reach drinking age.

As we were leaving the mall, we spotted a woman who has a son that went kindergarten through high school with Woohoo. We stopped, visited, caught up, laughed and marveled that this woman and I met on a pre-dawn, chilly, dark January morning in 1999, as we stood in line outside the school, waiting to register our preschoolers in kindergarten. There weren't a lot of spots, and it was first come,  first serve. I was number 2 in line, she was number 3. We chatted. We got acquainted. 17 years later, there is still a strong thread that runs between our lives. Through 40th birthday parties, travel, divorce, re-marriage, the natural waning and waxing of most friendships, we have an unbreakable connection.

No accidents that we ran into her, of all people. She is a living bookmark of where we are now in the book of life, where we've been, and the exciting possibilities of where we will go.


kario said...

Wow. Congratulations. How does it happen, indeed?

Can I just say that, also, not enough can be made of the fact that you've lived in this place for so many years and sunk such deep roots? The foundation you've set for yourself and your kids - being able to run into people you've known for decades and shop in the same mall - that's pretty cool. I'd say you've bloomed where you were planted, my dear, and provided something beautiful for the rest of the 'hood.


Jennifer Holcomb said...

How is it even possible she is graduating college?!? Your family will always be a touchstone to Holy Family for so many of us. Her college graduation is certainly a marker to be celebrated (and celebrated!!!!) but nothing can take away from the Link Family as the First Family of HFCS for me -- partly due to you, Stan, and of course
Woohoo, but in so many ways due to Wil as our Ambassador. xoxo