Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Your friend and mine, Kara, has another blog post for us. A lot of great things happened in 1981: The first woman was appointed to the US Supreme Court, I graduated from high school, and Kara was born! Here are some more fun facts about 1981 from Kara:

i have a book of the year i was born 1981 and i was born 1981 and my friend christi got merryed  in 1981

in 1981  i was born at 745 in the eveing  and therie was christmas trees were lit up that year  and  im a fall baby in novemberand in 1981  the milk cost 2.23 sents and coffee cost 2.25 sents and therie was presidents in 1981  ronald reagan the cars cost 7;718.00 united state postage stamp in 1981  cost 18 each and movie tickets cost 2.25 each in 1981   and bacon cost in 1981 1.45 per pound   and fresh ground hambuger cost 97 per pound   and therie is a 1981 calendar in the book of 1981  so in the book of 1981 therie  a page of personal memories  in the book   the title of the book is 1981 remember when a nostalgic look back in time 

your friend kara

2 comments: said...

Thanks for all the fun facts about the many great things that happened in 1981!

Always wonderful when Kara guest posts on your blog, Carrie!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all the new information about 1981. Like your friend Carrie, I was born in 1981, and our motto at school was "81 HAS ALL THE FUN!"

I look forward to your posts, Kara, and thank you, Carrie, for sharing your blog with Kara!