Saturday, July 6, 2013


I've been out-of-town and very, very busy doing this:

And very, very busy drinking my new favorite beer, made in my hometown, Eugene, OR:

I missed just this one:

Woohoo and I took our annual girls-only camping trip to my family's reunion held every year over the 4th of July, along the Little Deschutes river in Central Oregon. Day #3 Wil texted me, "ARE YOU HAVING FUN AT YOUR SHINDIG? SHINDIG IS AN EXPRESSION FOR PARTY."

We had fun at our shindig.

I highly recommend you get yourself shindigging ASAP, if not sooner.


Elizabeth said...

Awwww--that all made me smile.

kario said...

Love it! Every second of it! Nobody deserves it more.

andrea said...

Total Domination is one of our favorite beers too!!! Yum. Glad you had fun at your Shindig! XO said...

Shindigs are the best.

Must try Total Domination.