Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!

Thank you for coming back! Thank you for waiting for me! Thank you for telling me you missed me, I missed you, too!

Really enjoyed my break. It was time. It was helpful. Learned a few things about myself, my blogging habits, things I want to keep about those habits and things I need to switch up. Thought a lot about comments, those that I receive and those that I leave. Have decided, for now at least, to disable comments and not leave comments. I want to read for the pure pleasure of reading. I want to write for the pure pleasure of writing. I will probably miss your comments way more than is healthy, which is kind of the whole point.

Lots of things have happened in the last 40+ days, and I'm excited to share them all with you. Here's a little Top 10 list to whet your appetites:


10.  I have rediscovered the joys of a Starbucks mocha, and am going to have to go through a whole detox/withdrawal process because I do not need the fat/calories/dairy/sugar/caffeine/expense.

9. Woohoo has her driver's license! She's a really good driver and having another driver in the family is big and wonderful!

8. Worked on my book. Still needs work. Better than it was. Know the problems, not sure how or if I want to fix them. Okay with not knowing. Okay with working on it through the ambivalence. Like seeing my own process right before my eyes, and realizing that yes, I've "moved" from where I was when I started writing it, and I could go on writing/revising it forever, but at some point that particular story is as done as it's going to be, although my reflection and response to that story will forever evolve.

7. Went to a memorial service for an almost-eight-year-old little girl. Heartbreaking. Church was full of parents hugging their children - you could just see how precious and fragile they realized life is.

6. Visited a college with Woohoo and decided that yes, college really is just as good as I remember it and yes, I would go back in a heartbeat, and yes, I am jealous, and yes, she will be ready, and yes, we will be ready, too, and yes, it will be weird, and yes, it will be good.

5. Rojo is having a growth spurt and has discovered the joy of naps! Need I say more?

4. Rojo is being baptized this week and receiving his first communion!

3. Rojo's two truest and bluest friends are sponsoring him and are going to actively partake in the process!

2. STM and I are now full Catholics, as of last night at the Easter Vigil. Took us forever, but once we decided, we were excited and committed. Right move for us at the right time. Loved the process. Loved the other people we met and by whom we were educated.

1. Not enough has been made of the various "stones" being rolled away - wherever and whatever they are.


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